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Do you need a forklift licence (license) to drive a forklift?

Technically you do not need a forklift licence to drive a forklift off road (eg in a depot or warehouse). However, if you are going to drive a forklift on the public highway, you do need a full driving licence. This may be required for instance where a lorry needs to be unloaded from the road before goods are transferred to a warehouse or other site.

Every fork lift driver must have proper training.
However, although you do not need a forklift licence to drive a forklift offroad, employers have a legal obligation under the Health & Safety at Work Act to provide adequate training to all employees using mechanical equipment and that includes forklift trucks . Forklift training will enhance your job prospects.


Forklift Licence

Forklift operators must receive adequate training




There is no legal stipulation that you need to take a forklift test every three years, although it is strongly recommended and some training providers require you to do so to maintain their accreditation.

If you are an employer, it is essential that you ensure that your staff are properly trained in the use of forklifts. If you are an employee using a forklift truck, and you have never had training, then you should approach your employer or staff representative to discuss the matter.

How long does a forklift licence (flt licence) last?

Although as stated above there is no such thing as a forklift truck licence, forklift operators should expect to receive refresher training at least every three years.

There are many providers of forklift licence training, both locally and nationally. You can increase your job prospects by getting forklift training but you must ensure that the forklift training organisation is properly accredited or you will find that the training you have received is of little benefit. If you already work as a forklift operator, make sure that you are up to date with your training and following best practices. If your licence has expired - take action now! You can find a list of forklift courses at our forklift training providers page.

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