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Forklift FAQ

Q. Do I need a licence to drive a forklift truck.
A. The only licencing requirements are if you are going to drive a forklift on a public highway. Other than that, your employer is required to ensure that you have ongoing training.

Q. How long does a forklift licence last?
A. As stated above there is no such thing as a forklift licence. However it is generally accepted that a forklift operator should receive fresh training at least every three years.

Q. At what age can I get a forklift licence?
A. See the answer to the first question. You can receive training and operate a forklift before the age of 18, but forklift operators under 18 should be supervised.

Q. Do managers or supervisors of forklift operators need to be trained?
A. Yes. It is not just operators who need to b receive training

Q. Does one training certificate cover all types of fork truck
A. No, you will normally requires separate certiciates for different types of truck eg counterbalance, reach truck

Q. Do I need training to use a hand pallet truck?
A. Yes - your employer is required to ensure you have adequate training in the use of any equipment whether motorised or mechanical that you will use in the course of your job.

Q. What is the top speed for a forklift truck?
A. Most fork trucks do not go very fast. The appropriate speed will vary depending on the loactaion eg 3mph in a warhouse, 10mph on an access road. Employers should clearly post speed limit signs