Forklift Licence








Forklift Parts

This diagram shows some of the main parts of a forklift truck.

You should consult the forklift manual for full information about the particular forklift you are driving


A forklift truck handles very differently than a car or van.

The wheels that turn for steering are at the back of the vehicle. This enable you to manoeuvre the forklift truck in small areas.

A good guideline is to keep your load no more than 8" from the ground. The higher the load is carried, the more unstable it will be. 

It is good practice to check your forklift daily. You should check the seat belt, warning lights, the backup alarm and the horn.

There are plenty of fun videos about forklift driving - but there is a serious message - forklifts an be dangerous when not operated by trained operators according to accepted guidelines.