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Forklift Training

Before you can use a forklift, you need to have adequate training. You may feel that you are good at driving a car and that driving a forklift truck will be easy. Nonetheless, it is a legal requirement that forklift operaters in the workplace receive adequate forklift training on a regular basis. There is no specific forklift licence, and no statutory test for driving a forklift off-road. However you will need to attain a satisfactory standard in your forklift truck training assessments.

There are 4 main levels of forklift training:

REFRESHER - People who have gained a Forklift Training Certificate and need to be brought up to date with current regulatriuons and best practice.

CONVERSION - People who have been trained on a particualr type of forklift truck and need to start using a different type.

SEMI-EXPERIENCED - People who have experience operating a forklift truck, but have never been certificated.

NOVICE - Never been used a Forklift Truck before and never been undergone training.

Make sure that you sign up to a forklift course that is suitable for your needs.

Forklift Training will include instruction in the following areas:

On completion of forklift training, if the fork truck operator has been assessed as being fully competent, the employer should continue to provide ongoing assessment and training. Training records for every forklift truck operator have to be maintained and ongoing forklift training provided and recorded.