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Forklift Trucks

There are numerous different types of warehousing vehicle that come under the category of "Forklift Truck". Equipment can vary between powered and non-powered, different types of fuel and different handling and stacking functions.

The simplest form of forklift device is a hand pallet truck - a manually operated hydraulic device which is pushed or pulled into position and is suitable for moving light loads from one location to another. One step up from this is similar devices with an electric motor that provide power to move slightly heavier loads.

Which is the best type of forklift truck?

Electric Forklift Trucks are ideal for situations where noise pollution or exhaust emissions may be a concern. With electric forklifts, care for the condition of the battery is a major concern. A poorly maintained battery will lose its charging capacity and will ultimately result in greater expenditure.

Gas powered forklifts also provide an ideal solution for situations where daily use is required with low noise levels. They are usually suitable for loads between 1000kg and 5000kg.

Diesel powered forklifts are suitable for situations that require machines with a greater power output and generally have significantly lower running costs.

The main types of truck are counterbalance, reach truck and stacker trucks. Amongst the major manufacturers of Forklift Trucks for the UK market are Still, Linde and Mitsubishi.


Gas Forklift TruckA gas powered forklift truck