Forklift Licence








How long does a forklift licence last?

Unlike a normal driving licence to drive a car, motornbike or HGV, a "forklift licence" isn't for life. Once you have undergone and succesfully completed your initial forklift training you need to regularly take further or refresher training on a regular basis.

Different providers of accredited training may recommend differing lengths of time as the recommended maximum time between training courses. Most recommend between two and three years. Allowing more than three years would be considered to be unsatisfactory. If you have not had any refresher training after three years, you should approach your employer about this as they may be failing in their statutory requirements.

If you have an accident or unsafe incident while driving a forklift truck, your employer will need to make a record of all details of the incident. They will also need to assess whether you need to take further training prior to driving a forklift truck again. Such training should not be regarded as a punishment but rather an opportunity to correct any mistakes and enhance exisiting operator skills.

If it is more than 3 years since you received forklift training then you should consider it that your forklift licence has expired.get your employer to arrange further training or if you are currently unemployed you may want to contact a forklift training provider direct to maintain your employability.