Forklift Licence








Use of Mobile Phones

The use of a mobile phone or similar hand-held device whilst driving on a public road is prohibited by law. However, there are no specific regulations relevant to the use of mobile phones whilst operating a fork lift truck. Although there are no regulations, a workplace environment is no less hazardous than a public road and so it would therefore be good practice for employers to ban the use of a handheld phone or similar device whilst operating a fork lift truck.

Using hands free, whilst being legal on the road can also be a distraction. Although there may be an operational reason for wanting to make use of a hands-free mobile phone, it is not recommended and such use should certainly be subject to a risk assessment. There are special communication systems that are available to assist with such activities as order picking and stock taking. Mobile phones should not be used for these types of activity.

Where special communications devices are being used opertors should have full training in their use whilst operating a forklift truck. Any device should not be used in such a way that it distracts the fork truck operator from the task at hand.