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How fast can you drive a fork lift?

It is unlikely that a fork lift truck will go fast enough on the road to break the speed limit. However there is a question as to what is a safe speed to be driving a fork truck. A properly certified fork lift driver will be able to assesss the situation and determine an appropriate speed for that situation.

Fork lift trucks are not designed to travel at fast speeds. The steering and braking characteristics are different from many other types of vehicle and incorrect speed may result in the truck becoming unstable and shedding its load.

t is not possible to be specific as to the maximum advisable speed for a forklift as different operations may mean that different limits should be used eg - 3 mph in racking – 5 mph in transit aisles – 10 mph in the yard. This will vary from business to business and location to location.

In a yard or warehouse a risk assessment should be carried out by the business to determine the maximum speed to be used and this should be communicated directly to the operators and signs installed where appropriate. It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to ensure that operators comply.